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Interactive English lessons and courses on articles, business and other important topics. 

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The advantages of self studying English

If you've been indecisive about enrolling in a language course to learn English over the years, then consider taking matters into your own hands. We’ve got numerous courses available for you which you can practice at home at any convenient time. We'll discuss these options in more detail in the following section. In the meantime, let's explore the advantages of the independent foreign language learning: 

  1. Schedule’s flexibility. You have the freedom to choose when to study and create a schedule that meets all your needs and capabilities. This flexibility reduces the stress of rushing to make it to your next English class at a language school.
  2. Learning at your own pace. In group settings, it often happens that students learn a language at a different pace — some get it really fast and even have time to learn some extra vocabulary, others may struggle. Self studying English allows you to manage your progress and select a pace that suits your needs. You can devote more time to challenging topics until you fully understand them or move faster through the parts that are not so hard for you.
  3. Motivation and self-discipline growth. Achieving success serves as a powerful motivator to keep pursuing your goals. It also involves taking responsibility for your own achievements, which, in turn, fosters the development of essential self-discipline skills.
  4. Time and money savings. When you invest in our self study English courses, you not only save money but also precious time. You won't need to commute to and from a language school, which will give you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever it suits you.
  5. Pursuing your specific goals. Even with tailored courses, such as those designed for medical professionals, you may not always find all the information you need. In group lessons, you might learn general terminology, but you may require something more specific. By learning a language on your own, you can focus solely on what's relevant to you and efficiently reach your desired goals.

Why learning English by yourself with Booyya is engaging and effective 

Booyya offers a modern approach to language learning that makes self-study both interesting and effective. We've developed comprehensive resources, including our textbooks 12 TRACKS and NOTES, designed to take you from beginner to proficiency. Additionally, we offer specialized short courses focused on specific topics, for example, like sports and business.

Here are some key advantages of self-study with Booyya:

  • Our courses motivate because they are engaging. You'll discover humor, truly captivating texts, and clear explanations that will make you fall in love with the English language, motivating you to return for more;

  • You get only relevant knowledge. All courses are constructed to provide practical skills and vocabulary. Moreover, our exercises and tasks allow you to immediately practice what you've learned, reinforcing your knowledge;

  • Learning is based on interactive textbooks. To give you maximum comfort from learning English on your own, we've compiled all the necessary materials in interactive books.These are more than just grammar rules, they include videos, audio components, tests, pronunciation aids, and more to enhance your learning journey;

  • Despite studying independently, you’re still enhancing communication skills. Each session includes tasks that promote a deeper understanding of English and aid in developing clear pronunciation that is easily comprehensible to foreigners;

  • Booyya courses are designed for convenience, allowing you to work even on a smartphone. All courses adapt easily to any device, enabling you to work on your English skills whether you're on a bus, subway, or anywhere else.

To validate our claims, try our free Booyya courses. But be cautious — once you start, it might be hard to stop learning English with them!

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