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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal account and courses /
How to register/create a personal account on booyya.com? /

On booyya.com in the upper right corner, click SIGN IN, then CREATE AN ACCOUNT. After that choose the registration method via Facebook or Google or create your own personal account using your e-mail and password for login. Then click REGISTER. That's it! You've created your personal account on booyya.com

For how long will I have access to purchased courses and English PRO marked courses? /

There are two ways to access courses on booyya.com:

1) By purchasing any course (including English Pro). In this case, you will get access to the purchased course forever.
2) By signing up with one of the subscription plan for 1 month, 6 months, 12 months. In this case, you get access to all available courses on the site, except courses marked English Pro, + 3-5 new courses monthly for the selected period. At the end of the subscription period access to courses is deactivated. All information in the personal account is stored, but access to it can be restored only after the renewal of the subscription.

Can several people use one personal account at the same time? /

No, each user must register and create a separate personal account for taking courses. But for one personal account works on two devices for your convenience.

In what language are the booyya courses written? /

All our courses are dedicated to learning the English language, but explanations in the course can be either in English or in Ukrainian. Information about the language of the explanations and the teacher in the selected course can be found in the block "This course includes", item "Language of the teacher".

The recovery code isn't coming through, what should I do? /

First of all, check if you are entering the exact mail for which you have a registered profile. Next, check the SPAM folder in your mail, the email with the password may end up there. If there is no letter - just contact us at [email protected] or on our social networks Instagram and Facebook.

The page with the course is taking a long time to load/not loading, what should I do? /

booyya.com pages may take a long time to load or may not load at all due to overloading of your browser. For the normal operation of the site, clear the cache and cookie files in your browser. If nothing has changed after clearing the cache - just contact us at [email protected] or on our social networks Instagram and Facebook.

What if I can't find the course I need? /

The booyya team works daily to create new relevant courses for you and every month 3-5 online English courses on various topics appear on the site. If you cannot find a course on the topic you are interested in, you can send us your wishes through the site using the "WRITE TO US" button, to the email [email protected] or to our social network Instagram and Facebook.

How to sign in the personal account on booyya.com? /

Click on Sign In in the upper right corner on booyya.com and choose one of the login methods: via Facebook, Google or a previously created login and password. If you use several e-mail addresses, make sure that you enter the personal account using the same e-mail from which payment and registration were made.

How to change/set password on booyya.com? /

On booyya.com, enter your personal account details in the menu, SIGN IN and go to SETTINGS via the settings icon in the upper right corner - edit your profile or change your password - click SAVE.

Where can I find my purchased courses? /

All courses will be available in your personal account.
IMPORTANT! If you use several e-mail addresses, make sure that you re-enter your personal account using the same e-mail from which the payment was made. If you registered via Facebook, log in to your account using the 'via Facebook' method. 

I can't find the purchased courses in my personal account. What should I do? /

If you use several e-mail addresses, make sure that you have entered your personal account with the same e-mail from which the payment was made. Also, if you have any questions or problems with entering your personal account, you can contact us at [email protected] or our social networks on Instagram and Facebook.

How to get access to the selected course forever? /

You can purchase any course or interactive textbook on booyya.com forever. To do this, add the selected courses to the cart using the "Buy" button and pay for the selected courses with one of the payment methods.

Do you e-mail courses or any materials? /

No, only a confirmation of a purchase is sent to an e-mail. All purchased products are available in your personal account on booyya.com.

Can I download a course/textbook? /

All courses and tutorials on booyya.com do not require and cannot be downloaded. A stable internet connection is necessary.

Subscription /
What is Smarte+? /

Smarte+ is an online trainer that allows you to personalize your learning and focus on what you need. It includes sections:

  • My Vocabulary - ready-made word lists by topics and the ability to create your own word lists
  • My Notepad - add your personal notes
  • Extra practice - choose your level, the topic to practice, types of exercises, and go! You can practice both grammar and vocabulary

Smarte+ is included in any subscription option on booyya.com and available throughout the subscription period. All registered users can try the trainer for free for 5 days; it's located in the personal account. You can read more about Smarte+ in this article.

How to subscribe? /

You choose a subscription plan for the period of 1 month, 6 months, 1 year here https://booyya.com/en/subscription/ or by clicking SUBSCRIBE at the page of each course and get immediate access to all English courses available on the site + to 3-5 new courses monthly. Pay can by a card of any bank; Liqpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay; Privat24; by cash at Privat Bank terminals. When purchasing a subscription, you are buying access to courses for the selected period only. To extend the subscription term, you need to purchase it again on the website.

What is included in the subscription? /
  1. Signing up for booyya.com means getting access to all the available courses on the site
  2.  3-5 new courses per month during the selected period depending on the chosen plan.
  3. Also included SUBSCRIPTION ONLY, available only for subscribers, cannot be purchased separately.
  4. Online trainer Smarte+

The courses that are marked with English Pro are not included in the subscription. They have to be purchased apart from the subscription for a separate fee. English Pro courses are permanently available for users having been purchased.

Is there a trial period before signing up? /

No, but there are always a few free courses available on booyya.com. Try how the platform works and with the free courses here.

How to renew booyya.com subscription? /

To renew the subscription you need to pay for the selected period on the subscription page. The subscription is valid for the paid period: 1 month, 6 months, 1 year. After its completion, access to the courses is deactivated. All information in the personal account is stored, but access to it can be restored only after the renewal of the subscription.

Are my answers saved in my personal account after the subscription ends? /

Yes, all your notes will be saved in your personal account and you will have access to them as soon as the subscription is renewed.

Payment /
How to pay for the course on booyya.com? /

Choose the desired courses, click BUY, go to the cart and click PAY. You can purchase a course on booyya.com and pay by one of these methods - payment by card of any bank; using the Liqpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay payment system; Privat24; in cash at the Privat Bank terminal.

How to use a promo code for a discount? /

To receive a discount for courses using a promo code:

  1. Select a course/s
  2. Add them to a cart
  3. In the cart, enter the promo code in the corresponding field and click APPLY PROMO CODE.

After that, a reduced price will be shown. Next, you can pay for the courses.

Can I get a refund? /

After providing access to a course or an interactive textbook in your account, no refund occurs. The service is considered to be provided.

Do you have discounts on courses for corporate clients? /

Yes, to do this, contact us via the "Write to us" feedback form at [email protected] or via the social networks pages on Instagram or Facebook.

Interactive coursebooks Notes and 12 Tracks /
What is the difference between Notes and 12 tracks? /

On booyya.com you can find two interactive textbook platforms for self-learning or with a teacher. 
What's the difference?

- levels
12 TRACKS is available for 6 levels: Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced
NOTES is available for 7 levels: Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced C1.1, Advanced C1.2.

- lessons number
12 TRACKS: one level from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate includes 48 lessons, divided into 3 steps; Starter - in 16 lessons.
NOTES: any level includes 31 lessons in the Communication block section and 12 in the Grammar block.  

- methodology
12 TRACKS method is based on the communicative method and the "inverted classroom" approach .
NOTES lessons are built within the framework of communicative methods using elements of lexical approach, guided discovery, audio-lingual method, etc.

- price
12 TRACKS: 22$ for levels Elementary - Upper-Intermediate, 11$ for the Starter level. 
NOTES: 30$ for any level.

Read more about textbooks and their comparison here.

Who can study with interactive textbooks Notes and 12 Tracks? /

Notes and 12Tracks interactive textbooks are appropriate for adults and teenagers. Thanks to the online platform, interactive exercises, video instructions, these textbooks are suitable for self-study, as well as for group learning and with a tutor.

Other questions /
Can I buy a gift certificate for English courses on booyya.com? /

Yes, you can gift English courses on booyya.com to another person:

  1. Choose a course or courses you want to gift
  2. Send us an e-mail about your choice at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram or Facebook 
  3. Make the payment for the selected courses and send us the receipt of the successful payment
  4. Get a promocode for the courses you plan to gift. For additional information, contact us via email address or our social networks
Where did booyya come from? /

We are part of the largest Ukrainian English language school network, Green Forest, with over 20 years of experience in the market. Our family also includes: Green Forest Adult English School, Green Country English School for Children and Adolescents, Yappi Corporate English School for Companies, Yappi Business English School, Project12 Adaptive Schedule English School, the heartwarming gifts online store Gifty, and the educational platform TalkEn.Cloud.

Who creates courses for booyya? Who is the author? /

To develop courses, we collaborate with more than 25 authors who are experienced educators with many years of teaching in the Green Forest project family and the Green Forest Teaching Centre. Collectively, across all network projects, over 150,000 Ukrainians in Ukraine and abroad have studied English.

What should I do if I notice an error in the course? /

You can report an error in any course in your personal account. To do this, go to the desired course, click the "REPORT A MISTAKE" button in the course menu on the right, fill out the form and send it to us. We will fix the bug soon.

Is there a booyya.com app? /

No, but you can save booyya.com to your home screen on your phone or computer to quickly access your courses. To do this, on booyya.com 1. Android OS users need to click on the appropriate banner ADD booyya.com TO YOUR DEVICE; 2 IOS users can do this through the menu by adding the site to the home screen.

Are these courses for adults? /

On booyya.com you can find courses for adults, and we have selected courses that are suitable for children and teenagers. You can find such courses under the child-friendly filter.

Are there classes with a teacher on booyya.com? /

No, all courses and interactive textbooks on booyya.com are for self-study and self-paced.

Can I get an English level certificate on booyya.com? /

No, the online course market does not provide certificates of proof of English proficiency.

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