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Privacy policy


Green Forest, represented by Ninik Ruslan Dmitrievich, acting on the basis of the Charter (hereinafter - the "Company"), on the one hand, and the Site User (hereinafter also - the "User"), who accepts and agrees to the terms of this "Agreement on the processing of personal data and the site's privacy policy "(hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), by joining the user with the terms of this Agreement, in the manner prescribed by this Agreement, the terms of which provide the following:

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement was developed in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data" and other normative acts of Ukrainian legislation governing legal relations related to the collection, processing, storage of personal data, as well as the right of citizens to privacy and the right to self-expression.
This Agreement is a public accession agreement.
1.2. The user of the site, when visiting the resources of this site, confirms his agreement with the rules and requirements of the Agreement. If the Site User does not agree to the terms of the Agreement, he is obliged to leave the site and refrain from visiting it in the future.
1.3 The Company reserves the right to amend the text of this Agreement without any special notification to the User about this by publishing a new version of the Agreement on the Site. ...
1.4. The procedure for granting consent provides for:
1.4.1. use of any of the functions or services of the Site.
1.4.2. registration on the Site (including through accounts in other networks)
1.4.3. indicating your data in the form "Your name" and / or "Your e-mail" on the Site;
1.4.4. indication and / or instructions "I agree to the processing of personal data" when using the Site service.
1.5. The Site user does not have the right to post information, use the site if he does not agree with the Privacy Policy or he has not reached the age established by law when he has the right to enter into agreements or is limited in his rights in accordance with the law, or is not an authorized person of the company, from the name of which the information is posted.
1.6. The personal data of the site user will be saved by Booyya, at the address: Kiev, st. Dragomirova, 3, apt. 3.
1.7. This Agreement is valid from September 20, 2020 and will be updated as necessary and / or as a result of changes in current legislation.

2.Terms and definitions

"Company" - the owner of the site - Green Forest, represented by Ninik Ruslan Dmitrievich, address :. Kiev, st. Dragomirova, 3, apt. 3, EDRPOU code 36186875.
"Site" - https://booyya.com and all its other elements / sections / parts / web pages, posted on the specified link.
"User" (or "Users") - any individual / legal entity (or programs that allow you to use the site - "Works"), regardless of the legal status and ability to use any of the functions or services of the Site.
"Registration on the site" (hereinafter also - "Registration") is the process of communicating the Site of personal data for further access to additional services or access to resources that an unregistered user cannot use. "Database" - a set of information (information, data) in computer files and a database management system.
"Materials" - text of information (information, data), photographs, graphics, messages, audio (video) records, program codes, comments and other materials.
"Information" - any information, texts, links, graphic, video and audio objects, Materials.

3. Limitations according to the Privacy Policy

3.1. The site user must adhere to the following rules:
3.1.1. do not use the site in an inappropriate way, do not try to influence or interfere with its work, or access information other than through a standard interface;
3.1.2. use the site only in accordance with the norms of Ukrainian legislation;
3.1.3. in case of violation of the terms of the agreement or if there is a suspicion of violation of the terms of the Agreement, the Administrator has the right to suspend or completely close the site user access to the site by the IP address of the site user.
3.2. The Company may revise and update this Agreement at any time. The user of the site has obligations regarding these changes and must visit this page from time to time to view the current version of the Agreement

4. Site user rights

4.1. The site user has the right:
4.1.1. know about the location of the personal data base containing his personal data, its purpose and name, location and / or place of residence (stay) of the owner or manager of personal data, or give an appropriate order to receive this information to persons authorized by him, except in cases established by law;
4.1.2. receive information about the conditions for providing access to personal data, including information about third parties to whom his personal data is transferred;
4.1.3. to access your personal data;
4.1.4. receive, no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, except as otherwise provided by law, an answer as to whether his personal data is stored in the corresponding database of personal data, and also receive the content of his personal data that are stored;
4.1.5. present a reasoned demand to the owner of personal data with an objection to the processing of their personal data;
4.1.6. submit a reasoned request to change or destroy your personal data by any owner and manager of personal data if this data is processed illegally or is unreliable;
4.1.7. to protect their personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage, due to deliberate concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision of them, as well as to protect against the provision of information that is unreliable or defaming the honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual ;
4.1.8. lodge complaints about the processing of your personal data with state authorities and officials whose powers include ensuring the protection of personal data, or with the court;
4.1.9. apply remedies in case of violation of legislation on the protection of personal data;
4.1.10. to make warnings regarding the restriction of the right to process their personal data when giving consent;
4.1.11. withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;
4.1.12. know the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data;
4.1.13. to be protected from an automated solution that has legal implications for it.
4.2. The disposal of the personal data of the User of the Site, limited in civil legal capacity or recognized as incompetent, is carried out by his legal representative.

5. Purpose of collecting personal data

5.1. The company collects and uses the personal data of the website user to better provide the necessary services and information, as well as to:
5.1.1. answer questions and inquiries;
5.1.2. process orders;
5.1.3. regulate or otherwise fulfill its obligations in connection with any agreement entered into with the Company;
5.1.4. prevent and solve problems associated with any services provided to the Site User
5.1.5. create products or services that meet the needs of the Site user
5.1.6. promptly respond to possible complaints related to deficiencies in the services provided.
5.2. The company may use personal data in the course of direct marketing (including providing information about goods and services that may be of interest in the future by sending SMS, email messages, VIBER).
5.3. Except as set forth in this privacy policy, the Company will not disclose any personal information unless the Company is required to do so by law or if such action is necessary to protect or prevent our rights, property or personal safety, and likewise with respect to our users / customers and others.

6. Use of personal information provided on other sites

6.1. The Company's website may contain links to other websites or the Site User may go to the company's website following a link from another website.
6.2. The company is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices on other sites.

7. Cookie policy, use of Google Analytics

7.1. When operating the website, the Company uses cookies. With their help, it is possible to identify the browser of users who visit our site again, in these files it is possible to save user settings and other information. For the convenience of using the site, the Company uses the remarketing function. This feature also uses cookies.
7.2. The website user can configure the browser to reject all cookies or to notify them of their sending.
7.3. Using Google Analytics, the Company collects statistics on site visits, such as pages visited, page views, domains, Internet service providers and countries of origin of our visitors, as well as the addresses of sites visited before and after the site, etc.

8. Other provisions

8.1. The Company takes measures to ensure that the information on this Site is accurate. However, the Company does not assume responsibility and does not guarantee that the information and data provided are accurate, objective and current at the time of viewing.
8.2. It is prohibited to distribute, modify, transfer, use or reuse any information from this site for any public or commercial purpose without the written permission of the Company.
8.3 A user wishing to block or clarify personal information transferred to the Company, or to stop processing it, can contact the Company through the feedback form on the Site or by using the Company's details.
8.4. Users can change / delete personal information or unsubscribe at any time. The work of some of the Company's capabilities, for which the availability of information about the user is required, may be terminated from the moment the information is changed / deleted (including paid services).
8.5. The user's personal data is stored until they are deleted from the Company's Database at the written request of the User. Sufficient notification of the User about the deletion / cancellation of the processing of personal data will be a letter (information) sent to the email specified by the User. If the user specifies his own email address, the message will not be sent to the user.
8.6 The user agrees with the Agreement, as well as with the transfer and processing of data.
The user confirms his majority, as well as the absence of any acts limiting his legal capacity.
8.7 The user of the site has the right to personally find out more information stored by the Company and to make changes if necessary.

9. Company details:

PP "Green Forest"
USREOU 36186875
Legal addresses: M. Kiev, st. Dragomirov, 3.3.
Tel. 0 800 750 167
e-mail: [email protected]

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