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English courses for IT specialists

Modern and interactive IT English courses, tailored for programmers, developers, and other IT specialists, are designed to pave the way to your dream job in any international company. Additionally, they are well-suited for professionals in related fields such as recruiters and HR personnel, providing a fast and uncompromising entry into the world of IT.

English for IT specialists
1 lesson
~ 80 min
English for IT specialists
If you are interested in how the IT industry is organized, what IT companies are and what are their features, then this course is for you! In this...
English for IT specialists: job titles and responsibilities
2 lessons
English for IT specialists: job titles and responsibilities
This course will help you understand what professions exist in IT and how to talk about them in English. From the course, you will learn: what...
English for programmers and IT specialists: self-presentation
2 lessons
English for programmers and IT specialists: self-presentation
How to introduce yourself if you are an IT specialist? Self-presentation and small talk in the IT field. This course will teach you how to talk...
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English for IT: what an IT professional should learn

English for IT professionals will come in handy for everyday work: communication with colleagues and clients, reading technology books, news and articles, technical documentation and instructions. Therefore, special courses and self-study should include the acquisition of:

  • field-oriented vocabulary;
  • fixed phrases and slang words;
  • business communication and negotiation standards;
  • improvement of listening, speaking and writing skills.

Moreover, it’s important to know how to talk about yourself, how to make small talk in the IT sphere, how to give an elevator pitch about your product or brand.

English for IT professionals: how to learn a language

English for IT includes a complex of skills and knowledge, that’s why practice has to be diverse and regular. Special courses and self-study help in this case. Even 15-20 minutes a day will give you an opportunity to boost your English and enhance your professional skills. How to improve knowledge:

  • Read field-oriented media
    An IT sphere is all the go these days, for this reason, it’s pretty easy to find topical online periodicals, news recourses, blogs and communities, where professionals share their experience and useful recourses. They will help boost your English for IT. Start following professionals or tech companies on social media to get topical content on your newsfeed regularly.

  • Watch Youtube-channels and listen to podcasts for programmers
    It can be or educational either field-oriented content. You may find educational courses of English for IT or just separate episodes, which will allow you to improve vocabulary and grammar on the topic, or you may sign up for the latest reviews of technologies or advice from experts.

  • Take mini-courses
    They contain structured information based on your level, knowledge and skills which are necessary to level up. English lessons for programmers are built on examples, after every class there’re tasks to practice the material


Who needs English for IT?

Not only developers and designers work in the sphere of information technology, but also many other professionals: HR specialists, project and product managers, testers, marketers etc. That’s why, English for IT, to a different extent, is required for various specialists for their everyday work. As a rule, topical courses help to get the hang of basic topics, which might be necessary for most professionals.

What level do they learn English for IT at?

Normally, students are supposed to know basic vocabulary and grammar at the English courses for IT, as they put an emphasis on learning specific terminology, fixed expressions and phrases for communication at work, rules of business writing. But there are also some programs for beginners. For example, there’re mini-courses on Booyya, which will help beginners to get acquainted with the IT sphere, go through basic topical vocabulary, learn how to give an elevator pitch about themselves or their work.

Which course of English for IT to choose?

English for programmers is needed for various specialists, so first and foremost you have to consider is your branch. For instance, if you have to present the results of your work in front of colleagues and clients on a regular basis, choose programs with an emphasis on speaking, boosting vocabulary and enhancing presentation skills. But if your responsibilities include a great deal of writing communication, then pay more attention to the rules of business writing and etiquette.

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